Imake is known for it's array of great brands in the homemade and DIY sector. Now we have an awesome new brand to launch which is going to be a big hit! 

The Grainfather, is an all grain, all in one brewing system that combines sleek, high quality, easy, fun, experimental and many more words that will get you hooked on the product.

This will revolutionise all grain brewing and distilling at home with it's fantastic quality and ease of use, but also its affordability so you can get into it simply.

Check out The Grainfather at and register your interest through email there. There is a limited first release of only 100 in NZ only and then we will look to expand sales from then. For updates, conversation and images about it see our Facebook page.
Once this is well established you'll be able to keep updated and learn recipes and find more quality equipment and kits to go with it!

Written by Rachael Pickering — May 21, 2014